What Is The Acceptance Pledge?

Our world, our country, and our communities can feel hopelessly divided at times. And while competition can be healthy, cooperation is our real super-power. Finding common ground and taking care of each other, we can make today a little friendlier and tomorrow a lot brighter. Acceptance Insurance believes that our passion for helping, commitment to integrity, and culture of accountability is a good way to do business. We think it’s a pretty good way to live, too. We came up with the ‘Acceptance Pledge’ so that anyone who feels the same way can set these same goals for how they want to show up in the world, then find partners, allies, and a community that wants to live these values – and get to work.


When we take a pledge we are holding ourselves accountable. When we make it public, we let others keep us accountable and we inspire them to join us. In pledging acceptance, we are declaring that we want to live in a kinder, more just world, and that we will take an active role in creating it.

I pledge acceptance of myself.
I pledge to celebrate my perfect imperfection,
To listen so that I may understand,
To speak out for what is right,
To follow with curiosity and lead with integrity.

I pledge acceptance of others.
I pledge to celebrate our shared humanity,
To respect the dignity of every individual,
To be generous, compassionate, and kind,
To be accountable to each other.

Everyone has something to learn,
Everyone has something to teach,
Everyone is someone.

people have joined the movement so far.
Now it’s your turn.


What’s Next?

Now that you’ve taken the pledge, it’s time to live up to and lean into the goals you’ve set.

First, save/share/post/print the pledge so you can stay on track and help others who want to pledge too.

Next, it’s time to activate. Find the people and organizations working for the goals and ideals in the pledge that speak the most to you and get in touch. Learn about the work that’s been done already, the plans being made, and ask how you can make an impact. The blog has great resources.

Build and grow your community by updating your stories and social media with #IPledgeAcceptance and #EveryoneIsSomeone so we can all learn, share, and live out this pledge together.

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