Behind The Lines of The Acceptance Pledge – Line 1

What’s behind this line?

It may be best to start with ‘What’s behind the pledge?’

You may be asking why an insurance company is asking you to accept yourself and others. We talk a bit about it here, but this is a different space, one where business takes a back seat. This is about building community, and encouraging each other.

We launched the Acceptance Pledge because the people of the company, the real humans just like you who have families and live in neighborhoods and shop at stores wanted to make sure that our name ‘Acceptance’ stands for something that they can believe in. So we got together and figured out just what acceptance means to us, and what it means to practice acceptance in the world.

This is the result.

So back to line 1. “I Pledge Acceptance Of Myself.”

We’ll offer some resources to explore this concept from different lenses. But first start with your own experience.

Consider all the ways you may not accept yourself.

When have you looked in the mirror and wished to look another way?

When have you not raised your hand or your voice for fear of appearing wrong?

How do those wishes, that inaction show up in your feelings?

How might it feel to be free from the voice in our head that says we are not enough?

This is the invitation of the first line, to quiet the criticism of self and make room for what might come from a different perspective.

We’d love to hear your reactions – use the hashtag #IPledgeAcceptance to keep the conversation going and share what this line means to you on twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

For those scientifically minded, this article on Brain Pickings digs into some deep thinking on this concept, and itself links to some scholarly research

For the artistically inclined, consider the opening of Walt Whitman’s Song Of Myself as read by Sheryl Paul.

Some people doing the work:
Who else should we feature here? Let us know @acceptanceinsurance

Jack Kornfeld

Angela Davis

Valarie Kaur

Mr. Rogers

I Pledge acceptance of myself.

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